When Caledonian CacheFest was first formed, we decided we needed a logo/mascot. The Scottish wildcat was choosen and Roger Kingham put a great design forward for us. We loved the design so much we decided to make our first geocoin based on her and named her Caley Cat. Based on his design, geocoin designer and artist Jon-Paul Barr put this great looking geocoin together for us. The back of the coin has a map of Scotland to represent the area we support with the Scottish Saltire in the background.

If interested in purchasing any of the geocoins or pathtags please contact us below.

Caledonian CacheFest Merchandise

Caledonian CacheFest Geocoin (Yellow Edition)


Price £10

Caledonian CacheFest Geocoin (Blue Edition)


Price £10 

Caledonian CacheFest Geocoin (Green Edition)


Price £10 

Caledonian CacheFest Geocoin (Special Edition)


Price £12

Caledonian CacheFest Peebles 2017 Geocoin


Event geocoin for Caley first event in Peebles 2017. Neidpath Castle and Peebles Coat of arms on each side.
Price £6

Scotlands First Pathtag


First in a series of Scottish Pathtags. The view from Scotland's First (GCF0).
Price £4

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