History of Geocaching and Landmarks of Scottish Geocaching

How Geocaching Started

2nd May 2000 - Selective availability was turned off, thus improving the GPS accuracy for civilian use.

3rd May 2000 - Dave Ulmer hid the first 'stash' in Oregon, USA at N 45° 17.460 W 122° 24.800 and posted online for others to find.

8th May 2000 - Mike Teague was the first person to find the 'stash'. He created a  mailing list of 'stashs' and posted on his personal webpage.

30th May 2000    - Matt Stum first coins the phrase 'Geocaching'

2nd Sept. 2000 - Jeremy Irish, who starts geocaching in July, launched a new website. It had 75 geocaches listed.

Scottish Geocaching is born

Geocaching started in Scotland on 15th December 2000, when user Jock Scott placed Scotland's First GCF0 on Ben More near Crianlarich, Stirlingshire.

Fifteen  years later and the cache is still going strong and contains the  original log book. This Golden Oldie is regarded by many as the holy  grail of UK caching and every year geocachers from all over the world  climb Ben More on a pilgrimage to this historic cache.

Since  then, Scotland now has over 20,000 geocaches of various types. At the  time Scotland's First was the 207th geocache to be placed in the world.  18 years on the cache is still going strong and is currently the 97th  oldest active geocache in the world.

Over the years different geocaches types have been created.

The following are some landmark caches, as they were first of there type to be hidden in Scotland.

Multi-Cache - GC3AAA Wildness

First multi-cache hidden by Doug & Sonia on 17th February 2002 

GC3AAA - Wildness

Mystery - GC7CB8 Complete Ness

GC7CB8 First mystery cache again hidden by Doug & Sonia on 24th July 2002

Although GC56C6 was created in May 2002 but shows no history or finds. Is it still to be found ?

Letterbox - GCN6BB Prude Hill

GCN6BB First Letterbox Hybrid hidden on the 22nd March 2005 by Snaik. 

EarthCache - GCN6ZD Bonnet Stane Earthcache GCN6ZG Needle E'e Earthcache

Both created on the same day 24th March 2005 by Snaik and Team Clova.

GCN6ZD - Bonnet Stane

GCN6ZG - Needle E'e

Wherigo - GC1GVY3 Harry's son

GC1GVY3 First Wherigo hidden by Roolku on 3rd October 2008 

Some cache types that have been grandfathered in.

Virtual - GC415 Out Head

fklama hid the first virtual on 7th March 2001 near St Andrews. 

GC415 - Out Head

Although Virtuals were grandfathered. In August 2017, 1% of cache hiders were rewarded with one Virtual Reward. For more information check out this Geocaching Blog.

Webcam - GCG7JC Dundee Live

First webcam to go live in Scotland on the 3rd June 2003 placed by The Artful Dodger 

GCG7JC - Dundee Live

And then we have the event type caches.

Event - GCGMQE You'll have had your tea? - Scotland Cache Bash

Photo taken by Edinburgh Walker.

Pooter and Silverfox held the first ever geocaching event in Scotland on the 20th September 2003. GCGMQE

Held in Balerno a dozen plus keen geocachers turned up to chat.

CITO - GCNJW0 Scotland's First CITO Event

Photo taken by Haggis Hunter.

Again  held in Edinburgh in association with The Water of Leith Conservation  Trust. The Forester and over a dozen geocachers turned up to help clean  up stretches of the Water of Leith on the 8th May 2005.


MEGA Event - GC1XDQ0 Mega Scotland: The UK's 3rd Mega Event

Photo taken by Team Idefips

Held  in Perth on 31st July 2010 , 1301 geocachers attended the first Mega  event to be held in Scotland and the 3rd to be held in the UK. 

GC1XDQ0 - Perth Mega

Mega Scotland: The UK's 3rd Mega Event