Challenge Caley


Challenge Caley – Final Results

Caley Cat would like to thank you all for your incredible efforts over the last six months. He hopes that everyone enjoyed avenging their DNFs and celebrating their milestones, furtherest, oldest, highest, lowest and busiest caching adventures... and hopefully they helped to create some new memorable ones! 

Overall winner :- Landsbanki


July Photo Bonus

A superb photo from Claxons won the bonus point for the final chapter in July.

Who knows where it will take you? Hopefully somewhere interesting... and not too far away! If you're up for the challenge then please log your qualifiers via email or in the comments section of our facebook group. If you want a head start with the admin I recommend project GC - Tools - Map Compare - for all your hidden date needs!   


If you have any issues or queries please contact us for help.

  • Caley reserves the right to exclude any entries that we feel breach geocaching etiquette.

The Prize 

The winner with the most points after 6 months of Caley Challenges will win n Ammo Can full of geocaching goodies.

The top scorers after the 6 months will receive an exclusive Challenge Caley 2019 Pathtag.

            Challenge Caley 2019 Pathtag

Challenge Caley 2019 Pathtag