caley paw


What is a Caley Paw?

A Caley Paw is a small wooden token. Each token will have a number between 1 to 3 written on them. 

Paws make prizes

Find as many as you can and bring them along to Caldeonian CacheFest 2020. The top three finders with the highest total will win a prize. Paws make prizes. 

How do I find them?

Paws have been hidden in geocaches around Scotland and further afield. They will continue to be hidden up to May 2020 when Caledonian CacheFest is expected to be held.

Golden Paws

There are three special Golden Paws that have been hidden in different  geocaches somewhere in Scotland. Find one of these Golden Paws and you will a special prize. If you think you have found one, please Contact Us to claim your prize.