Acroyms & Jargon



Archive -  Archiving permanently removes a geocache listing from search results. A geocache owner can archive their own listing. A geocache owner cannot unarchive it.  

Attributes -  Attribute icons that apply to a cache, including permissions, hazards, conditions, facilities in the vicinity, and special equipment required.  Please respect the Attributes of a Geocache.  For example, if the cache says it is not available at night, please do not go searching for it after the sun goes down.  

Bookmark List -  A Geocaching Premium Membership feature that can be used to group geocache listings in whatever way you like.  

Cache Owner (CO) -  Cache Owner, the person who placed and maintains a cache, or has more recently "adopted" the cache from the original cache owner. 

Challenge Cache - A challenge geocache requires that geocachers meet a geocaching-related qualification or series of tasks before the challenge cache can be logged. Challenge caches are of type Mystery Cache

Creed, The -  Also known as the "Geocachers' Creed". Designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations, so that everyone can enjoy geocaching. 

Disable -  A geocache that is currently unavailable to find on the website. A disabled geocache may need repairs or could be in an inaccessible area. 

Geocaching HQ -  World headquarters of,,, and Groundspeak. Located in Seattle, Washington, USA. 

GroundSpeak -   Groundspeak, Inc. is the company that owns and operates,  launched in 2000 by Jeremy Irish, Elias Alvord, and Bryan Roth.

Jasmer Challenge - The Jasmer Challenge requires you to find at least one cache placed every month since Geocaching was invented, in May 2000. This is difficult, as some geographic areas are missing some of the earliest caching months; the full Jasmer challenge may require you to travel significantly from your home location.

Muggle -  Non-Geocaching person  

Muggled -  When a cache has been "muggled", it usually means it was dismantled or removed by an unsuspecting non-player.  

Pathtag - A collectible token, about the size of a quarter, often a personal item representing a geocacher or event. Purchase pathtags and/or track your collection on  

Pocket Query (PQ) -  Premium Membership feature. Pocket Query is a custom geocache report that can be uploaded to your GPS device. 

Reviewer -  Community volunteers from all over the world who approves geocaches in your area. Reviewers are the backbone of Geocaching. 

Signal - Signal the Frog, the official mascot of Groundspeak and Geocaching.

Watchlist - A list of caches or geocoins/travel bugs that you follow on and  receive notifications. 

Waypoint - Any additional lat/long associated with a geocache. Each geocache is a waypoints; additional waypoints may be provided for Parking, Trailhead, or other significant points related to a cache 


BOP - Base of Post

BOT - Base of Tree

BYOP - Bring your Own Pencil/Pen

C&D - Cache and Dash

DISCO - Disguised Container

DNF - Did Not Find

FTF - First to Find

GZ - Ground Zero

MTT - Multi-Truncked Tree

NA - Needs Archiving

NM - Needs Maintenance

PAF - Phone a Friend 

SL - Signed Logbook

SWAG - Stuff We All Get

SPOR - Suspicious Pile Of Rocks

TFTC - Thanks for the Cache

TNLN - Took Nothing, Left Nothing

TOTT - Tools of the Trade