Intro to geocaching


What is Geocaching

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt happening right now, all around you. 

There are millions of geocaches worldwide.  Geocaches are found in parks, urban areas, forests, deserts, on top of mountains, underwater — pretty much anywhere you can imagine. There are  probably a few near you right now… 


Getting Started

To take part you require a GPS receiver or a smart phone with GPS enabled and a method of transport. 

Navigate to geocaches using:


  1. On your app, select a cache and navigate to it.
  2. Once you've found the cache — sign the logbook.
  3. Return the logbook and cache to their original location.
  4. Share your experience and log your “find”.


Top Tips

Use your eyes
Your GPS or smartphone will only get you within about 30 feet of the cache location. When you’re close, use your eyes, hands, and geo-senses to locate the cache.  

Look for something that seems out of place
Caches come in all sizes, shapes, colors.  Look under rocks, in tree hollows, under park benches and yes, look in  that one spot you’re 100% positive is not the hiding place. Chances are,  that’s exactly where the cache is. 

 ...Respect your surroundings
NEVER trample on flower beds, scale walls, or damage property trying to find the cache. 

 One last tip? Always, always, ALWAYS bring a pen. 

If you want some help, send an email to

What is Geocaching

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